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What are fixed matches 100% sure ?


Fixed matches 100% sure are predetermined outcomes in sports events, particularly in football, where the result has been manipulated for financial gain. Betting on fixed matches is a controversial and illegal practice that undermines the integrity of the game. Despite its unethical nature, some individuals are attracted to betting on fixed matches 100% sure for several reasons. Firstly, the potential for significant financial profit is a major allure, as those involved in match-fixing can exploit insider knowledge to guarantee specific outcomes. Additionally, some individuals may view fixed matches as a way to bypass the unpredictability of regular sports betting, believing that they have an edge in predicting predetermined results.


Are fixed matches real ?


Yes, fixed matches exist and are real !

Throughout history, numerous cases of match-fixing have been exposed, leading to severe consequences for those involved, including bans, legal repercussions, and tarnished reputations.


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Fixed Matches in Football: Arrangements, Reasons, and Betting Advantages

Fixed matches in football have been a controversial topic in the world of sports betting. It is important to understand what fixed matches are, how they are arranged, and the reasons behind their occurrence. Additionally, we will delve into the championships with the highest number of detected fixed matches in football and discuss the advantages of betting on such matches.


What are Fixed Matches in Football ?

Fixed matches, the clandestine underbelly of football, refer to matches where the outcome has been predetermined, often resulting in unfair advantages for one team or specific individuals. These surreptitious arrangements are orchestrated by unscrupulous individuals who seek to manipulate the game for personal gain.

While the specifics of these schemes vary, the common thread is the intention to manipulate the final result. This can be achieved through various means such as bribery, coercion, or even threats. The perpetrators target vulnerable players, referees, or officials who may be enticed by financial incentives or coerced into participating in these illicit activities.


Arrangements and Reasons behind Fixed Matches

There are several ways in which fixed matches are arranged. One common method is through the bribery of players or officials involved in the game. This could involve offering significant sums of money or other incentives to players to intentionally underperform or manipulate certain aspects of the match. Referees may also be bribed to make biased decisions in favor of one team.

The reasons behind fixed matches are primarily driven by financial gain. Criminal organizations or individuals involved in illegal betting activities stand to profit significantly from manipulating the outcome of matches. By placing large bets on predetermined results, they can ensure substantial returns on their wagers.


Championships with High Number of Fixed Matches

While fixed matches can occur in any football championship, certain leagues have been more prone to such activities. It is important to note that the detection and exposure of fixed matches are crucial steps taken by football authorities to maintain the integrity of the sport. Some of the championships with a history of high numbers of detected fixed matches include:

1. Lower-Tier Leagues:

Lower-tier leagues, especially in countries with less stringent regulations and monitoring, have seen a higher prevalence of fixed matches. The lower visibility and lower salaries of players in these leagues make them more susceptible to bribery and manipulation.

2. International Friendlies:

International friendly matches, which are often played outside the regular season, have also been targeted for fixed match arrangements. The lack of competitive pressure and the potential for higher betting volumes make them attractive to those seeking to manipulate results.

3. Cup Competitions:

Cup competitions, such as domestic cup tournaments or continental competitions, have witnessed instances of fixed matches. The knockout format and the potential for upsets make these matches appealing for those looking to profit from predetermined outcomes.


Advantages of Betting on Fixed Matches

While we strongly discourage engaging in any form of illegal betting or supporting fixed matches, it is essential to understand the potential advantages that some bettors may perceive. These advantages include:

1. Higher Odds:

Due to the manipulated nature of fixed matches, the odds offered by bookmakers for such matches can be significantly higher than for regular matches. This attracts bettors who are looking for larger potential returns on their wagers.

2. Insider Information:

Bettors who have access to insider information or are part of the network arranging fixed matches may believe they have an advantage over bookmakers. This perception of having inside knowledge can lead some individuals to place bets on fixed matches.

3. Potential for Big Wins:

For those willing to take the risk, betting on fixed matches can offer the potential for substantial winnings. However, it is important to note that these winnings are achieved at the expense of the integrity of the sport and can lead to legal consequences.

It is crucial to emphasize that engaging in illegal betting activities, including betting on fixed matches, is both unethical and illegal. The consequences for those involved can be severe, including bans from participating in the sport and legal penalties. Additionally, supporting fixed matches undermines the integrity of football and the fairness of competition.


In conclusion, fixed matches in football are pre-determined or manipulated games with the aim of financial gain. While certain championships have experienced a higher number of detected fixed matches, it is essential to combat this issue to preserve the integrity of the sport. Betting on fixed matches may offer perceived advantages, but it is important to prioritize fair play and respect for the game above potential financial gains.

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